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Music royalties offer long-term cash flow streams to musicians and other music catalog rights owners. Royalty market capitalization climbed to $27.3 bn. in 2019 and is expected to surge more dramatically in the next ten years. However, this massive and burgeoning market is closed and underpenetrated by technologies that make it inaccessible for retail and institutional investment capital.

Buyers and sellers suffered from behind-closed-doors deals, facing a lack of pricing mechanisms and an inability to connect without serious networking efforts. High entry thresholds and the absence of a secondary market were another root cause of music royalties being suitable for only a small percentage of investors.

Now Soundeon tackles these issues by providing an open and trustworthy marketplace to buy and sell music royalty rights. Our Platform connects buyers and sellers during the initial offering as well as provides secondary market liquidity. Soundeon allows institutional and retail investors to buy music royalties directly.


Sell your Royalty Income

  • Instant Funding Access
    No more waiting for future cash flows: sell royalties to get funding today and finance creative endeavors.
  • Cashout Mechanism
    Hedge against future performance fluctuation with the option to rebalance your current portfolio of music assets.
  • Collaboration Tool
    Gain additional involvement of your current fanbase and the ability to get in touch with even more fans and investors.

Music Royalties Investment is More Lucrative than Ever

Diversify investment portfolio from the volatility of the traditional markets and maximize yout risk-adjusted return
Music royalties will yield periodic distributions and still target growth – a great compliment to any portfolio.
Market growth is driving future returns – an ability to gain exposure to wealth creation activities in the industry at the revenue level.

It is More than Crowdfunding

Support artists with real capital: receive periodic payments and personalized ownership certificates.
Collaboration and become a stakeholder of artists' success stories.

How the Process Works

Onboarding Stage
Soundeon performs due diligence and validation to make music royalties available for purchase. Our fintech model identifies fair-market value based on proprietary research and equity-style modeling of historical royalties data. Hence, purchases and sales are based on objective criteria.
Selecting and Buying Stage
Investors can select among listed works and purchase either the entire music catalog or just a portion. Fractional ownership is an optimal opportunity to form portfolio of diversified music assets.
Soundeon provides buyers the infrastructure to receive royalties in accordance with a purchase price from publishers and distributors. We work with royalty holders to tailor and design a structure to meet the needs of both buyers and sellers.
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